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Barefoot Data Science is a one-man independent consultancy focused on Business Intelligence, Reporting, Data Discovery, and Data in general. I’m primarily focused on working on MicroStrategy based projects, secondarily focused on Tableau, but also able to provide general strategic guidance regardless of tool.

I’ve been working in the Business Intelligence sphere, and with MicroStrategy products specifically since 2001, across all verticals and across the globe, and am always learning new tools and new concepts.

Services (Including, but not limited to)

  • Technical staff augmentation: I can provide a senior resource with a wide breadth and deep depth of knowledge across the MicroStrategy tool set, as well as other tools.
  • Technical copywriting: I do documentation and commercial writing for clients on any technical topic. This can be in the form of internal or external facing writing, video work, etc. For more information, see here.
  • Transitional services: If you are in the process of transitioning to or from MicroStrategy, I have a wealth of experience in making that transition more painless and more stable. If you’re going through another transition (bankruptcy, merger, or major organizational shift), I’ve also helped a number of organizations keep their tools stable during these types of changes, providing as-needed assistance with minimal overhead. For information, see here and here.
  • BI Organizational Review: The problem with Business Intelligence is that it doesn’t fit neatly into our modern silos of project types. It’s not just a technical project and it’s not just a business project. The BI Organization Review involves meeting with stakeholders at all levels – report consumers, analysts, management, the technical team, etc. and finding the gaps that need to be filled within your organization, and the temporary needs which can be filled with external staff.
  • MicroStrategy environment review: I can take a look at the environment you have, and outline technical issues which will lead to business issues, performance problems, development issues, etc. I can advise on growth strategy, requirements gathering, and things of the like. But mainly, this review is a chance to sit with a long term expert, and get a checkup to see if you’re on the right track or not.
  • Continuing advisory services: Regular work with the technical team, reviewing the system, and helping to work through growth issues, questions, and etc. or just assisting with the BI steering committee. I can provide an outside opinion to assist with the complex work involved in BI, while building the knowledge in your in house team.
  • Project Management: I’ve been a project manager, and a manager of people in a number of different capacities. This project management would only be for Business Intelligence projects, however.
  • Vitara Charts: Barefoot Data Science is a proud partner of Vitara Charts.

My primary experience is focused on:

  • MicroStrategy (including with SAP, SAP HANA, and MSAS/SSAS)
  • Numerous Databases
  • Numerous Web Servers
  • ETL: 
    • Talend
  • Operating Systems: 
    • Linux
    • Unix
    • MacOS X
    • Windows
  • Project Management of BI Projects

EU Phone number : +31 6-43236910
US Phone number : +1 919.858.6214
KvK: 69108994