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Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy

NOTE: This policy is subject to change. As the policy changes it will be updated in this post.

Cookie Policy

I’ve been advised by my lawyer that my cookie policy could basically be “we don’t use cookies.” I don’t track anything and I don’t have social media embeds. But at the same time, I sometimes embed videos into blog posts, and the plugin I’m using can shut off that sort of functionality. I like that, so I’ve included the plugin on my page.

We use cookies strictly for the operation of the publicly viewable portion* of this website, and the tracking of your consent with regards to non-functionally essential cookies. No login or storage of personal data is allowed on this webpage, which is only intended to act as a description of the services provided by Barefoot Data Science.

Cookie Consent: A single cookie will be used to track your acceptance or decline of the cookie policy. This will remain in use for 7 days before expiring, but may be deleted from your computer manually as desired.

Google font usage: An additional 3rd party cookie will be by default added for to support the use of the Dosis font used throughout this website.

WordPress test or session cookie: WordPress’ own functionality.

As mentioned, it is also possible that links to content (for example youtube videos embedded into blog posts) within blog posts may trigger the usage of 3rd party cookies related to that content

*NOTE: An additional security cookie will be created for anyone attempting to login to this site’s administrator page. The admin page of this website is not intended or allowed to be used by anyone other than the site owner, so any attempt to gain access is considered trespassing.

Privacy Notice

Who is collecting the data?
Barefoot Data Science is a sole-proprietor (eenmanszaak in Dutch) business based in the Netherlands, operating in the Business Intelligence and Data handling industry, and under additional name DeDutchify in the copy-writing, video production, voice over, and general creative industries. The business is located at:

Oranjestraat 12F8
2042GS Zandvoort
The Netherlands
NL Phone: +31-6 43236910
US Phone: +1-919-858-6214

What data is being collected?

  • Company specific contact information for company employees in the course of business
  • Invoices, contracts, and other business-to-business administrative documentation between client and Barefoot Data Science
  • Data and Documentation provided for testing purposes or other billable work on Barefoot Data Science machines
  • Web logging on website services will include ip address information of visitors to the website
  • Web logging used by the Wordfence Firewall.

What is the legal basis for processing the data?

  • Performance of a contract: All financial and legal information are maintained as well as all provided documentation and processed business data from client and all contact information for clients (emails, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Compliance with a legal obligation: data necessary for business administration.
  • Legitimate Interest: Legitimate Interest: All web access logs for both website hosting and Wordfence firewall.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

  • Data, documentation, emails, and other communications may be stored on email servers and in online storage within email provider (Google)
  • Web log information will be maintained by the relevant website hosting service.
  • Web usage information such as IPAddress will be used by Website firewall provider (Defiant, Inc.)
  • Any sharing of email addresses for contact purposes will only be done with permission of both parties
  • All financial information will be shared with accounting and tax professionals who handle all admin and tax related processing for Barefoot Data Science
  • Any documentation may be shared with legal authorities or legal representation in case of criminal or civil legal action
  • Unless ordered by client directly and in writing, no client data (meaning documentation, or actual processed business data provided to Barefoot Data Science by client for the purposes of testing) will be shared under any circumstances by Barefoot Data Science

How will the information be used?

  • Contact information will be used for future contact with the company
  • Financial information and administrative documentation will be maintained for legal and financial purposes under the usual 7 year rule for maintaining company administrative documentation
  • Customer documentation or processed business data will be used for testing purposes and work purposes during the duration of the billable work contracted with the customer only. Any usage on personal machines of Barefoot Data Science will require explicit consent by the controller of the data, and be bound by the terms of specific Data Protection Agreement associated with the contract.
  • IPAddress information stored in Web Logs is primarily used for functionally necessary reasons within the web server. The logs will only be used for this functionality and only processed further in the case of legal requirements to do so or in case of an attack on the web server.
  • IPAddress information received by the Wordfence firewall will be used to protect this website from attack in realtime, and blocking of malicious access of known or suspected attackers.

How long will the data be stored for?

  • Up to 8 years: contracts, invoices, receipts, weekly status updates, and all business administration matters. Also included is all business administration specific emails, including contact information (emails, phone numbers, etc. – not including social media connections such as Skype, Linkedin, and Xing where the social media company classifies as the data controller and the client can sever the connection themselves). Note that this purge will be done once annually, so in effect it will be 7 years plus a fraction of a year.
  • 7 days: ipaddresses logged into the web access logs of websites hosted on the Dutch Website host (which manages,, and as well as all redirects and forward-only emails) as well as ipaddresses logged by Website’s own security firewall. 
  • Until 72 hours after end of contract duration: Documentation or data provided by customer
  • Until 8 days after end of contract duration: Documentation created by Barefoot Data Science which is contractually determined to be under the copyright of the customer (including emails not related to business administration, and documents).
  • Indefinitely: Documentation created by Barefoot Data Science which is contractually determined to be under the copyright of Barefoot Data Science (will be scrubbed of all customer specific references and information)

What rights does the data subject have?

You have the right to view your personal details, to have them changed or removed. In addition, you have the right to limit the processing of your personal data, to have it transferred to you or a third party and to object to the processing of your personal data by Barefoot Data Science.

You can exercise your rights by contacting Barefoot Data Science by telephone, e-mail or post. The contact details are at the top of this privacy statement. We may ask you to prove your identity to us, so that we can verify that we are providing the requested information to the right person. If you use a passport or identity card for the purpose, please make your passport photo, machine readable zone and personal identification number permanently unreadable.

More information about your rights

You can find additional information for each of these rights on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Click here to go to the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can read how to do this on the Dutch Data Protection Authority’s website.