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Before we get started
So far as I’m concerned, as an independent entity, I can work only in projects that I feel I can give true benefit on, and choose to never take a job just to take a job. So, If you’re interested in working with me, I’d like to start off by doing an evaluation of your environment, or your plan, and give recommendations where possible. From there we can determine together if there is a bigger role for me going forward, or not.

I prefer to charge a single day rate that can also cover my expenses. My rates are dependent on location, therefore, with lower rates for the preferred locations listed below.

I also offer rates for subcontracting, and am happy to work with 3rd party consulting firms and recruiters.

Work for charities and NGOs
My rates are lower for those doing good for others. I want to see the world improve, and so if you’re trying to do that, I’m willing to put my energy into your organization. I am limited to how much time I can provide, unfortunately.

Preferred locations
These are my favorite locations to work in because of family, friends, and general affinity. Because these are the places I want to be, I add a bit of a discount to my rates.

  • All remote work
  • The Netherlands
  • North Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Austria

NOTE: Given the current situation with Covid-19, and my current contracts, I am only able to take on remote work at this time. I am, however, amenable to working on an as-needed basis, which should lower costs. 

EU Phone number : +31 6-43236910
US Phone number : +1 919.858.6214
KvK: 69108994